Having a style statement is what women love. Women love to look classy, elegant, and graceful. This is probably why women take more time to dress up than men. 

Whether attending a corporate event or a social function, women ensure that their appearance makes them attractive, classy, and gorgeous. Thankfully, there is a wide range of clothing and accessories available for women to look beautiful and graceful. 

If you need some dressing tips to become a fashionista, this blog is for you. This post covers five amazing dressing tips that can turn you into a classic fashion icon in your social circle. Read more to know-how.

Work on your Wardrobe 

There are some wardrobe staples that you must have in your collection. For example, a black party dress, a classic blazer for corporate events, jeans for casual occasions, designer sarees, dresses, and a leather jacket.  

These are some of the staples you need to have in your collection. With this wardrobe collection, you can carry yourself well anywhere you go. 

Ensure that your clothes fit you perfectly 

Buying readymade clothes is not a bad thing, but they might not fit you perfectly. If you want to purchase readymade garments, stitch them once you buy them to ensure that they fit you perfectly. 

When you wear tailored clothing, it does not just look good; it also makes you more comfortable. Wearing dragging pants and loose dresses might look awkward. Even if you have an expensive dress, it might look sloppy and bad if it does not fit you well. Also, tailored clothing gives meaning to your personality. 

Find your style 

Another tip to look classy is finding your personal style. For example, some women look more beautiful and appealing in western outfits, and some look gorgeous in traditional clothing. What is your style? Also, when you are determining your personal style, ensure that you take into account comfort and convenience. 

Western outfits might make you more comfortable if you are a corporate ninja. It is convenient too. If you rarely visit social functions, traditional clothing might suit you. Having a signature style will add more confidence to your personality. However, it might take months to decide your personal style, but start with the trial-and-error method, and eventually, you will find out. 

Be a smart buyer 

Do you know how to shop? Generally, women are good shoppers, but still, you need to be smart while filling your wardrobe. For example, you need to have a clear sense of what not to buy. There are some things that you will never wear. There is no sense in buying them. 

You also need to have a styling sense to mix outfits that look natural, classy, and contemporary. Also, you need to have some understanding of colours. Not all colours suit you. You need to keep some colours away from your wardrobe to have the most enriching wardrobe. 

Play with colours 

Experimenting with colours will take you a long way. Some colour combinations work for you, and some don’t. However, the best way to find out is to experiment with them. You can consider a colour wheel, and you will get ideas. When you wear colours that suit you perfectly, you will be able to carve a niche for yourself with your fashion sense. Adding a colourful scarf to your look can also make a distinctive appeal. 

Add Fashion Accessories to your Style 

Accessories play an important role in Dressing up Scarfs, belts, bags, clutches, and other stylish accessories that might help you make a stylish statement. Sometimes, such accessories can create magic that clothes fail to do. You can find many online portals offering such high-quality, unique, and unparalleled fashion accessories that you can add to your style to look enthrallingly beautiful. 


These are some of the dressing tips to become a fashion diva. Looking classy and elegant is your right. All you need is some basic fashion ideas and experiments that work for you, and you are fine. Let all the eyes roll around you wherever you go. You can check out the latest fashion accessories such as ladies bags, scarfs, and other luxurious items at Tree Art Inc. They have a wide range of fashion products that will blow your mind. 

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